Who are We?

Getting to know the Mileys… The Family of Durward C. Miley, Sr. My Dad was known as Durward, but his birth certificate shows it as “Duwald”. He called my mother’s father Pare, like French, with an accent on the “e” (Paa-reh). I learned later in life that this actually meant that my mother’s father wasContinue reading “Who are We?”

For My Children

Doing Something Different This… Usually, during every Christmas season, I find time to write notes to all of my children and grandchildren, inserting checks into them. This year, I will be doing something a little different. This coming January, I will begin my 80th year. My mother passed from a stroke (actually killed by theContinue reading “For My Children”

Getting into the Blogging Routine

What do you make of this newspaper/magazine? I am into looking for solutions as to how God fearing Americans can take back control of their country. How can a publication such as this contribute to a solution, when it seems that they are being so divisive? Blessings, AJM


Mission Statement My name is Anthony James Miley, I was born in San Francisco, California in 1942. I am working under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to position born again believers into creating an acceptable environment which will enable us to experience a Third Great Awakening. Only God can bring this to pass, butContinue reading “Introduction:”

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